The central focus of my art revolves around images of the human form. For me, figurative sculpture is timeless as well as endless in it's ability to express the human condition. In the subject matter I choose to explore I try to create an incisive portrayal of our humanity, and of our inhumanity. The subject matter can range from the humorous to matters of life and death, mans relationship with nature, as well as concepts that provoke social awareness.

I may begin a piece by sketching out ideas on paper before the move into the clay form. Then I will work on a clay sketch where I will work out proportions, gesture, and overall feel of the piece. After this it is on to the final execution in the clay. Another method that I use is more a form before concept approach. I use my innate intuition as I work the clay in my hands until I see a shape that I can expand upon, and from there it's to the finished form. In both methods I try to keep the emotional quality fresh, along with a strong composition.

What makes this art form appealing and exciting is with each new piece that I undertake I gain some bit of knowledge that I can apply to future works. It has become a constant form of learning and discovery and bolsters my creative output. My motivation and drive for my art come from the recognition that by working in clay and the three dimensional form I have found my life's calling in art world. I continue to look forward with great anticipation to lies ahead in this journey.