When I found sculpting, I knew I had found my calling in art. There was an instant recognition for the clay medium. Most of my art has developed through drawing and painting. But moving into 3-dimenionsional work was an opportune discovery that has energized my creative flow.

The tactile sense of working with and moving the clay seemed to be a more natural fit for my artistic ability. The more I work in clay, the more I recognize the potential in myself to progress. With each new piece, there is always something new to be learned. This helps to drive my motivation and love for the clay to bronze process.

I have always been interested in the figure and the range of emotions that makes us human. From subtle humor or irony, to love, to the drama of life and death. These subjects provide a never-ending source of narratives and forms to explore. There are two methods I employ to begin a piece. One is a pre-conceived idea complete with drawings and armature. The other is less overt and more spontaneous where the clay takes the lead and while working with the clay, and moving it around in my hands in an almost meditative manner, I catch a glimpse of a shape that can be expanded. In both methods, I try to keep the emotional content fresh in the subject, along with a strong composition. Though I tend to represent the figure realistically, I may exaggerate proportions, or the pose, to add interest to the overall presence of the piece.

I hope that my work can reach beyond the imagery of the subject and be a conduit to open a conversation on the world we all inhabit, with all it's faults, beauty and complexities that link us all together.